[lazarus] Menu problem

Csermák Szabolcs csszabolcs at srwtrade.hu
Sat Feb 22 16:03:55 EST 2003


This code is not enough to make a radio-like menu.
You have to parse along the menu items, and set the checked property to 
false, else if the current item is the sender.


On Saturday 22 February 2003 3:40 am, jozsef at wingchun.hu wrote:
> Hello,
> procedure TForm1.popclick(Sender:TObject);
> begin
>   (Sender as TMenuitem).Checked:= not (Sender as TMenuItem).Checked;
> end;
> This code checks in properly but never checks out.
> I'd like a radiolike thing. Only one can checked.
> Do you know a solution? Share with me, please. :)
> (I use popupmenu of course.)
> Joe
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