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Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Sun Feb 23 03:58:47 EST 2003

On Sat, 22 Feb 2003 23:03:21 +0000
<jozsef at wingchun.hu> wrote:

> Congratulations for this:
> procedure popc(sender:tobject);
> procedure pop1c(sender:tobject);
> procedure pop2c(sender:tobject);
> procedure pop3c(sender:tobject);
> procedure pop4c(sender:tobject);
> than I wanted to do something in formcreate method and I was lazy to type
> so I dblcicked on the form.
> What surpris! All the
> "
> procedure TForm1.popc(sender:tobject);
> begin
> end;
> " skeleton was also created! :-)
> Does anybody know how can I invoke it directly? Because I put another
> procedure and again dcbclick on
> the form. This time does not happen anythig. But after putting a button
> and doubleclicking on it both
> the new procedure skeleton and the onclick method was created. I would not
> put a button on, dblclick
>  than delete it. And again and again. So, can I invoke it manually? (Only
> putting not enough.)

Probably you mean Edit- > Complete code.

> ------------
> Component Palette have no tooltips?

Yes they have. You can activate them in environment -> environment options
-> desktop.

> ------------
> When you save and create a dir, go in and than forget to give a name just
> hit ok lazarus thinks it
> is saved. It let me quit and after ... Hey, where is my file??
> So watch! :)


> ------------
> Put a button on the form. Then change its name. It will change the caption
> (since you have not changed that
> manually) and change the declaration in the source editor. Now make an
> onclick. Change the name again.
> Caption and declaration will change but the value of the onclick(Event)
> not and so of course won't change
> the code in the source code. You can compile but looks strange. Maybe it
> is a'ToDo'. 

Yes, it's a ToDo.

> ------------
> Sometimes component appear int the top-left corner and with and height is
> ignored. Even if I later
> explicitly write it in the source.

What components?

> TabStop does not work properly.


> &Something on a button looks ok at design time. But in case of
> disappearing(I do not know where
> are my buttons) does not work. Invisible control won't get user input, I
> guess. But where are they??

What do you mean with 'in case of disappearing'?

> O yeah, I saw a message when I was running the program in Konsole. It as
> streaming problem because I
> accidentally clicked double on Memo and os it make a MemoChange event. I
> deleted is manually from the
> source editor but not from the Object Inspector (I used to do it in Delphi
> and works, Delphi automatically
> remove from ObjInsp). So it caused the buttons (I put later than memo)
> disappear and caused memo behave
> strange.


> It seems modifying source manually make a big confusion. You cannot rename
> an exsisting method, If you
> accidentally delete its skeleton it cannot go there (by dblclicking) and
> you have to fix it manually,
> and this third. (I say this after two days usage so maybe the list is
> longer.) I see it is a rather complex
> thing so I won't fix it. :-)
> ------------
> Is there a bug at lazarus.com? Or is there a list of known problems? So I
> won't tell what is on the list.

Plz use the bug tracking on the website.

> ------------
> Ctrl + F2 actually does not stop the running program. First it just make a
> pause. Next time a stop.

This is probably for Marc.


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