[lazarus] ImageList editor and more

olivier Guilbaud golivier at free.fr
Wed Feb 26 16:43:58 EST 2003

Hi all,

I have implemented an editor for the TImageList component.
This editor it is a beginning and  still misses fonctionnalities.

Some modifications :
ImgList.pp and ImgList.inc modified
  26-feb-2003 Olivier Guilbaud <golivier at free.fr>
     - Add TCustomImageList.Assign()
     - Add TCustomImageList.WriteData()
     - Add TCustomImageList.ReadData()
     - Add overrite TCustomImageList.DefineProperties()
       Warning : the delphi or kylix format of datas is not compatible.
     - Modify Delete and Clear for preserve memory

  Remarque :
    TImageList is declared in Controls.pp it's not normal. this declaration
    must in ImgList.pp and add in clause uses .... no ?

  Add ./designer/ImageListEditor.pp
     it's an TImageList editor

  Modify ObjInspStrConsts, add strings for ImageListEditor
    for the button Delete, i use the sccsLvEdtBtnDel string

Thanks for apply this modif in cvs 

Olivier Guilbaud
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