[lazarus] CVS

jozsef at wingchun.hu jozsef at wingchun.hu
Wed Feb 26 21:11:32 EST 2003

Thanks to all.
I may compare the results to me, but I got the answer: no. :)

(I was using -z3 and a 56k modem...)

>>>But it is possible to download the zipped source first and than tell cvs
>>>where it is?
>> Did you use the Z9 setting for compression?  Speeds things up a lot.

> Using -z3 is better because -z9 causes too much performance on the cvs
> server and the net result is not that much smaller than -z3.

> Yes, but CVS only transfers a lot of data the first time. The next time
> it will transfer only diffs. a ZIP  of the sources is always the same
> size (more or less)
I know but as I wrote I wanted to download zip only first time and than
CVS to download the diffs.
I tried what is written in doc/install. It works but I had fpc nad lazarus
binary and source also. But CVS also downloded both first time.
If a newcomer (who has modem) _have_ zip, read doc/install have to do
the same I did. I wanted to find a faster way. I did not find. Yet. :)


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