[lazarus] Project file not updated

hernan.et at pg.com hernan.et at pg.com
Thu Feb 27 18:07:15 EST 2003

I was not aware that there is ReadOnly item in the popup menu. Thanks, I think
it is working for me now.

BTW, the following statement

-->  frmMain.WindowState := wsMaximized;
does not work.      Is WindowState not yet implemented? If not, can somebody point me out(just a hint) on how I may help?


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On Wed, 26 Feb 2003 08:45:31 +0800
hernan.et at pg.com wrote:

> Hi all,
> I think I found a bug...
> 1. Create a new project.
> 2. Add a unit where your access rights is read only. (the source will be
> marked read only by the editor). Save and close project.
> 3. Change your access right of the file to full control (rw).
> 4. Open the lazarus project you just created. The file retains its read
> only mode.
> The only way you can change this is to manully edit the lpi??? file and
> set the mode readonly to false.

Does the popupmenu not work?

The ReadOnly flag is currently not very clever. It is set, when the file is
read only or the user marks it readonly. And is unset only by the user. It
is helpful, when you open the original file and the working file and you
don't want to change the original file by accident. The you just set the
readonly flag in the popupmenu.
But if the flag was set automatically (not by the user) as in your case,
then it should be automatically unset. I will change it ...


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