[lazarus] gdb

Marc Weustink marc at dommelstein.net
Thu Feb 27 19:12:29 EST 2003

At 23:18 27-2-2003 +0000, jozsef at wingchun.hu wrote:

>Is gdb working?


>Options/files: gdb       /urs/bin/gdb

Is your gdb located at /urs/bin/gdb ? (note urs)

>Pressing F4 or after creating a breakpoint

That doesn't work correct yet. Breakpoints aren't passed to the debugger if 
they are set before the debugger is initialized, but pressing F9 (run) then 
Pause and then set the brakpoint should work.

>and pressing F9
>seems run according to menu but form editor, objinsp, ... works

AFAIK they aren't disabled while running.

>and I can't pasue or stop the "running" program. It has no window.

OK, after a while after you press run, a dialog pops up that the execution 
has stopped, if you pres OK the execution will continue. (I'm not sure if 
I've committed that code, so you might see no dialog)

If things still don't work, open the debug output window
   View -> Debug windows -> Debug Output

and give me the output while starting your app.

Oh, eh, BTW, in the Run Parameters dialog, on the Local tab, make sure that 
"Use launch application" is not checked (make it sure by clicking twice on it)


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