[lazarus] various updates and questions

olivier Guilbaud golivier at free.fr
Thu Feb 27 19:20:16 EST 2003

Hi all

some modifications :

  Buttons.pp / bitbtn.inc
    - Add the methode function TBitBtn.GetCaptionOfKind(aKind: TBitBtnKind): 
      this function replace the array const  BitBtnCaption[..] because the 
localizing not work.
      I supose that FPC associate  directly the strings in the array const and 
the localizing
      not work.

    - If possible zoom x2 the selected image.
    - Fix the superposition of images
    Bug not found WriteStream add one line at the top of bitmap

  FileDialog.inc + colordialog.inc + fontdialog.inc / LCLStrConsts.pas
    Replace all strings by an lacalizable resource

   * I would like to make possible the localization of the file keymapping.pp    
where must be décalre the resources ?
 * Key mapping dont work ? i have tested CTRL+SHIFT+1 (set bookmark 1)  does 
not answer. If i click on "grab key", and CTRL+[1/&] i have key mapped 
"irregular &" ???

 * In does the code, it have from time to time, of the writeln. how to make 
use of it ? and where it's writed ?

by advance thank you

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