[lazarus] How can I compile lazarus (win32 version) ?

Sergey Smirnov ssmirnov at fromru.com
Thu Mar 6 12:37:19 EST 2003

 Catalin Mincu <cata_mincu at yahoo.com>:

> I try to build under Windows (of course) ..
> I set the path to win32 FreePascalCompiler. When I set
> the path to dos compiler I get another error.
> The message I get it is : 
> C:\Projects\Lazarus CVS\lazarus>make
> Makefile:17: *** You need the GNU utils package to use
> this Makefile.  Stop.

Small hint :) 

1. Wipe out all your FP installations.
2. Download the full win32 installation package
(w32106full.zip ~18Mb) from FP site. It contains all
you need.
3. Install it into default location (c:\pp).
4. Check c:\pp\bin\win32 is in your autoexec.bat PATH
5. Download lazarus.zip from FPC ftp-server or use CVS
if you want.
6. Unpack it into c:\lazarus or something else, but
don't use spaces in directories and files names. I
don't know why :).
7. Run MSDOS session, switch to Lazarus folder and run
windres -i lazarus.rc -o lazarus.res. Then run make.
8. Enjoy, but IDE (lazarus.exe) don't work :(
9. Compile and run examples.

Regards, Sergey Smirnov.

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