[lazarus] BUGS

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Tue Mar 11 03:50:17 EST 2003

On Mon, 10 Mar 2003 14:02:02 +0300
"Vasily I. Volchenko" <Vasily.Volchenko at mstu.edu.ru> wrote:

> At first, bug of screen.inc is bogus even in fpc 1.0.7. Anyway, it is a
> very bad idea to place const parameter in interface and non-const in the
> implementation (or vice vercia).

Right. Where are they?

> Lazarus for old stable fpc 1.1 have some more non-fatal bugs (I have fixed
> them in 2 min). There are: TRtlCriticalSection is not in standard unit,
> but in somewhat like SysThrds.

I hope, this was answered by Peter.

> And second, I had to replace Index to AIndex in property declaration.

Sounds like objfpc. The fpc object pascal mode is far less ambigious than
Delphi/Kylix. That's why it is preferred in lazarus.

> As for my project, as I see, I have attached it to the file. It was for
> fpc-1.1 only (translated from kylix 2 oe), but I have made it compartible
> to fpc 1.0.7, but the diskette was bad :(. Errors are not reproducable.
> FPC 1.0.7 can result in program sudden dearth (I can't locate a reason
> with gdb). May be, it can result in strange Round error, but I have found
> it only with fpc-1.1 (I haven't played with 1.0.7 enough).
> More problems is that the project is Russian (I remembered this fact right
> now, when I am on non-linux University PC). So, click top left of four
> buttons(ðÌÁÎÉÒÏ×ÁÎÉÅ ÜËÓÐÅÒÉÍÅÎÔÁ means experiment planning).
> Then you will need to enter "2" in spinedit (besides, floats can't be
> edited correctly in OI), and to click OK twice . This is a probable place
> of error(may not occur), otherwise click right top button.

The attachment was probably too big for the list. Can you send it to me


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