[lazarus] Postscript based report generation tools

Solerman Kaplon solerman at wonder.com.br
Sat Mar 15 06:41:56 EST 2003

Hi Tony,

I'm very experienced with Quick Report, Report Builder, have some 
experience with Rave and many other controls that I've seen. One of the 
best thing that I've seen is present in both Report builder and Rave: 
the subreport. In both, you can put a subreport on any place and it will 
run ok, it isn't a fixed band like a QRBand, and it's able to have it's 
own header/footer bands. Maybe you cand build your basic reporting 
(header/detail/footer) around a generic control that can serve as the 
report themselves and a normal control.



Tony Maro wrote:
> I'm also about to start working on a report generation control set.  My
> thought is to make them initially pretty primitive so that anyone can
> come along and hook a database control to it.
> So basically, I've got the postscript controls and the general idea of
> how to do a reporting system (I used the built-in reports with Delphi 4
> C/S considerably.)  I'm positive I could write a reports system for what
> I need to do, but keeping it generic is another story.
> So here's some thoughts out loud:
> Report header stripe
>   static text labels
>   special text labels (such as doc name, p#, date, time, etc.)
> page header stripe
>   static text labels
>   special text labels
> detail stripe
>   field label ** Changes according to data position pointer, 
> 		 keep running totals for fields per page and per doc
>   static text label
>   special text labels
> page footer stripe
>   sum field label  ** sum of field for this page
>   avg field label  ** avg of field for this page
>   count field label ** displays number of fields on page
>   special text labels
>   static text label
> document footer stripe
>   special text labels
>   static text labels
>   sum field label  ** sum of a given field for entire report
>   avg field label  ** avg of field for entire report
>   count field label
> Note the absence of a function field and multiple detail layers - I'm
> keeping the idea simple and can later build on that.
> My thought is to have a single "detail" object that anyone can come
> along behind me and write a database connector for.  The database
> component developer would provide callbacks for "initialize" "next
> record" "first record" "jump to record" sort of functions and then
> populate the detail object with the proper data.  I could provide a
> primitive data connector object that someone else could then build on
> top of to implement the full connection.
> Does this sound feasible?  Anyone have a better method or suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Tony Maro
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