[lazarus] RadioGroup woes still

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Mon Mar 17 13:48:11 EST 2003

I downloaded CVS just now and tested the RadioGroup changes.

About 1 out of every 3 or 4 changes as described previously, it still
results in not updating the button display.  I can't find anything that
triggers it - it seems entirely random.

Don't try to actually use this snippet, but check this out:

if NewTrans.Ends then begin
  writeln('Transaction Ends setting to ZERO');
  writeln('ItemIndex is now' +
  FrmNewSchedDep.RdoEnds.ItemIndex := 0;
  writeln('ItemIndex has become'+

The console out put is:

Transaction Ends setting to ZERO
ItemIndex is now 1
ItemIndex has become 1

So you can see that it is zero, I change it to 1 and read it back and
it's still zero.

Other times the same code works beautifully.  I can't see anything that
makes it break or not.

There is no other code that I have that changes this setting in any
form.  I even deleted and recreated the radiogroup using a different
name just to make sure.

Tony Maro
tony at maro.net

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