[lazarus] Crash after form show...

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Tue Mar 18 18:37:50 EST 2003

I just released another increment of CheckBook Tracker, but low and
behold, it's not working unless you were already a current user.

It has something to do with the controls that I create and hide on the
form unless you have a data file open.  Unfortunately I can't find the
crash exactly because it happens AFTER all of my code has executed. 
After the OnShow event of the main form is processed, it bombs with
ERROR in LCL: Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window.  I've checked
my code for any "setfocus" statements and none of them are being used at
the crash.  You get a flicker of the window on the screen and then...

Attached is the output along with my writeln debugs so I know what's
happening... you can see the main form OnShow event from start to
finish, with all subroutines it calls.  As near as I can figure NONE of
my code is executing when the crash happens.  I've also enabled the
VerboseFocus option in case that helps.

>From the looks of it, the crash happens when the LCL tries to focus the
already displayed form...

Tony Maro
tony at maro.net

Check out my software "CheckBook Tracker"
A GPL (free) replacement for Microsoft Money!

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