[lazarus] TGraphic Transparency

andrew johnson acjgenius at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 21 10:05:35 EST 2003

On Fri, 2003-03-21 at 08:54, Solerman Kaplon wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> It's annoying to see that the delphi TGraphic can get displayed right on 
> a TImage, so will be nice if the Lazarus one correct this, eg: for 
> display right an PNG with an alpha channel. Maybe you can get some info 
> on this on g32.org, they have an excelente TImage replacement that 
> supports full 32 bits images at pixel level, althow porting it will may 
> be to much hard for a first version...
> just my two cents,

Well, if the components aren't complete enough for you, feel free to
report any missing features in TImage/TGraphic components, as if I don't
know its wanted/needed I don't know to fix it. :)

Although portions of the TImage are incomplete, AFAIK the most important
aspects of it are already in place, excepting proper transparency
handling, which is really a TGraphic problem anyway. So I see no reason
to try and rebuild it using another win32 component which may or may not
have the same sort of incompatibilities after porting anyway, but I will
plan on taking a look soon anyway  and see if there is anything useful
for lazarus in it.

As for TGraphic incompatibilities, apart from this transparency issue,
the most important things that are missing are proper saving and more
discriminating loading. Both of which require A.) a lot of
experience/knowledge (which I don't have) or b.) a lot of research and
experimentation, which I generally don't have a lot of time for, not
that I don't have all sorts of grandios plans and goals mind you. :)


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