[lazarus] Expect More Interest in Lazarus Soon...

cryst cryst at golden.net
Fri Mar 21 12:13:01 EST 2003

Yes, I've long been a Borland fan, but over the last 5 years my enthusiasium
has declined to the point where I no longer use their products at home, and
have switch to c/c++ for the most part. If Lazarus were to live up to it's
promise of write once compile anywhere it would certainly gain my interest
more then it has in the past. (In the past I've tried but failed to install
for various reasons and decided that it was easier to do without).  I'm
watching this list in the hopes that one day, it reaches the point where it
can be called a mature product.

Chris Bruner

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> Borland is asking a "pulse" question on their home
> page regarding compulsory registration.  I, for one,
> will be a lot more interested in the progress of
> Lazarus because of this.  I hate forced registration
> when I buy a product.  To me, this should be an
> optional feature.  As a paying customer I should not
> be inconvenienced by things like this.
> Judging by the newsgroup responses I'm not the only
> one that feels this way.  Expect a few people to not
> buy the next Borland upgrade and look elsewhere for
> their dev tools...
> Cheers,
> Kevin.
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