[lazarus] Building multiple projects

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Wed Mar 26 05:11:39 EST 2003

On that note, I've built several programs that made extensive usage of BPL 's but I have not built anything that used normal libraries. I've been thinking  about Using a library to handle the reports for CBT. Unfortunately I am not sure of how to write a library, and there is no wizard in Lazarus. I also am concerned with the fact that I don't want to install the library on the end-user's computer in the libs  directory, but leave it right with the executable. I've had problems figuring out the exe path before, especially when launched from a shortcut. 

Does anyone have any example code I could look at? 

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    I am working on a program with 1 executable and many librarys (all from 
    Lazarus) - all need rebuilding if any changes made
    Is it possible within Lazarus to re-build multiple projects with one 
    command as yet?
      It would be a good idea for the Lazarus website to have somewhere for
    users/developers as myself to be able to indicate our interest and 
    support. Would show number of people actually using Lazarus ?
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