[lazarus] Newbie question

Luis Mineiro luis at zbit.pt
Wed Mar 26 06:22:14 EST 2003


I'm sorry if this has been answered before. I'm a new lazarus user and just 
got the RPMs from the FTP and installed them on my RedHat 8 box.

I installed fpcsrc and lazarus packages.

I start lazarus in a konsole with the command "lazarus". After it shows up I 
try to run the default project with the empty form in it. No code or objects 
are added.

I'm getting an error stating:

/tmp/project1.lpr(6,13) Fatal: Can't find unit INTERFACES

Many of you know the straight answer for this, so I'm asking kindly if someone 
could point me my error.

Luis Mineiro (luis at zbit.pt)
ZBit Software, Lda. (http://www.zbit.pt)

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