[lazarus] Linux Versions

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Thu Mar 27 16:53:01 EST 2003

> Which version of linux can I use or are you guys using? 

You can use pretty much any non-antique (post 1998 or so) linux version for
ordinary PCs. Maybe you can even use Linux on an old 68000 macintosh, but that would
be quite experimental :_)

However some distributions may be easier, because they provide the right
libraries in the right version, so that you don't have to hand compile them.

In general, something with a recent version of GTK 1.2 and related libs will
probably do. (1.2.10 or so)

>(I just want to run "rpm -ihv" and start to work)


> And the kernel? Thanks

Linux only consists out of a kernel (and a few userland tools). The bulk is
generic free Unix software, handily compiled and patched to work with the
Linux kernel, and packaged in a nice distribution.

There are no specific demands on the kernel that are not met by nearly any
version since 1996-98 or so. It might be that some of the libraries that
Lazarus links to (like the above GTK) need specific kernel versions, but if these
libraries come with your distribution, your kernel can apparantly handle it.

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