[lazarus] I need some help with Slashdot

Marius Popa Adrian mapopa at reea.net
Sat Mar 29 11:13:08 EST 2003

Yah i have submited a reply to the "news"
i will submit to the editors too 
do you know where to do it ?

On 28 Mar 2003 23:48:43 -0600
Tony Maro <tony at maro.net> wrote:

> Slashdot posted an article today stating that Moneydance's latest
> release is the first Linux financial software to support online banking.
> Actually, my Lazarus project, CheckBook Tracker beat them by almost a
> week.
> Would everone kindly go submit an article to Slashdot stating that?  I
> already have, and this would be the perfect opportunity to get pub for
> Lazarus - I mentioned it in my submission.
> Thanks!
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> Tony Maro
> tony at maro.net
> http://tony.maro.net/
> Check out my software "CheckBook Tracker"
> A GPL (free) replacement for Microsoft Money!
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