[lazarus] Building Lazarus in Winblows

Martin Smat martin.smat at tiscali.cz
Sun Mar 30 10:23:51 EST 2003

Tony Maro wrote:
> Okay, now I'm another step closer...
> It compiled and linked.
> When I start it I get "Free Pascal Sources Not Found" then all the
> windows open up, gray.

Did you use the latest CVS version? I sent a patch to Mattias 25.3.2003 
which fixes this bug. All windows were redrawn with background color 
after LM_PAINT message.

> I have a flashing cursor on the gray source editor.  There are no icons
> in the toolbox.  None of the menu options work.  If you click inside the
> code editor suddenly the default unit1 code appears.  Same with the
> object inspector.  It finally paints when you click inside it.  I tried
> to open the environment variables in Lazarus to set them, but the menus
> don't respond.

Menus work nice for me.

> After a few moments Windows reports that it has stopped responding.

Yes, you are right. Windows version is very unstable. The Source Editor 
is not usable. Nothing cannot be written in it.

Martin Smat.

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