[lazarus] Building ok but nothing appears on screen

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Sun Mar 30 15:40:12 EST 2003

There was a bug fixed in CVS recently that caused a new project to not
automatically create the main form.  Check your project options and make
sure your form is in the "Auto Create Forms" column.  If not, move it
over and it should work.


On Sun, 2003-03-30 at 13:05, Marcelo Heinrich de Souza wrote:
> Hi - I´m using Red Hat 8.0 with fpc1.0.7 and lazaraus from RPM packages. I
> build a single form with one button "Hello World" with some events. Compile
> works fine but when I click on Run or manuallly start the Project1 binary
> the form is not shown but the visible is true the size 300x400 the color is
> RED. With the ps command I can see the aplication is running. What´s happen?
> Thanks
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Tony Maro

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