[lazarus] Code completion not liking record in object def

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Sun Mar 30 16:33:09 EST 2003

      //general stuff:
      //stuff depending on plot-data:
      //stuff depending on viewangle/offset/size:
      //stuff for speed/convenience in drawing:
      fPlotOrigin : TPoint; //depends on FOffset & Favgs
      fMouseActionData : record
                       fMouseControl : TMouseControl;
                       OldMousePos : TPoint;    //set on MouseMove
                       ExecuteAction : Boolean; //set on LMBdown, LMBup 
                       DidClear: Boolean;
      fScrollData : record
                  AmScrolling,            //True if scrolling is
                  ScrollPaused : Boolean; //needed when
                  Position     : LongInt;
                  Speed        : Byte;    //0 = fastest
                  Incremental  : Boolean;

The object I'm trying to convert contains the above code.  I've snipped
out much of the lines.  The compiler does not complain at the records
inserted in the object this way, but the editor won't find routines with
CTRL-SHIFT-UP / DOWN and such and shows an error on the first line of
the fScrollData record stating:

"Error: = expected, but : found"

I haven't yet got the entire unit to build, so it might still fail in
the compiler, but I believe the compiler has passed this point already
because it's throwing errors in the methods.


Tony Maro
tony at maro.net

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