[lazarus] compiling from CVS

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Fri May 2 01:40:21 EDT 2003

Anders Ellenshøj Andersen wrote:

>>If you want a quick and easy tutorial on installing FPC for use with
>>Lazarus check my website at:
>A nightmare! There is no way to easily delete the files once you have unpacked 
>them. There is no control over where stuff goes and that is totally 
>unacceptable to me.
Uh, perhaps I misunderstand what you are saying.  If you want to untar 
them somewhere else, then by all means, change the -C switch in the tar 

As shown in the tutorial, every file is installed in:

which can be safely deleted if you wanted to get rid of it.  Other than 
that, just delete the symbolic link you created at:

I don't understand where the nightmare is... It's not as hard as you 
think, and there's certainly not a lack of control.

I probably would have felt much as you do, except I took the stance that 
if I was going to be a programmer, I should probably make an attempt to 
understand what was going on with the compiler, such as where it 
installs, how to configure it, etc.  rather than just letting a package 
do it all for me.

But, I'm glad Mattias got or found 1.0.7 .deb's for you.


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