[lazarus] IPC question...

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Fri May 2 06:02:12 EDT 2003

> I'm in the process of migrating some Linux shell scripts I've written
> into Lazarus... but I'm trying to figure out an efficient way of
> redirecting the I/O of external programs like mkisofs, md5sum and a few
> others without having to create a bunch of temporary disk files?
> In bash you can launch and redirect the output of "externalprogram" to
> THEVAR with:
>   THEVAR="`externalprogram`"
> In perl it's:
>   @output = `externalprogram`;
> In python, via the "os" module:
>   README = os.popen('externalprogram', 'r')
> Is there a way to do this in Object Pascal under Linux... or is using a
> temporary text file the best approach?

Linux unit, popen, assignpipe etc, check the text and the examples.

This works under *BSD too, but only since 1.0.6 or so.

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