[lazarus] IPC question...

Marc Weustink marc.weustink at cuperus.nl
Fri May 2 08:28:29 EDT 2003

+ From: Tom Lisjac [mailto:netdxr at adelphia.net]
+ > I would love to see the API doc's for this as I think it could make some
+ > of my work a lot easier.
+ Perhaps we could write some if nothing exists. This is a nice component!
+ I'm having some trouble getting it going, however. Here's what I did:
+ With Process1 do
+   Begin
+     CommandLine:='/usr/bin/find /usr';
+     Active:=True;
+   End;
+ This creates a process... but it allocates zero ram and doesn't execute
+ the find command. If I set Active to false, the process terminates. I
+ looked at the sources and didn't see anything else that I thought needed
+ to be set... but that doesn't mean there isn't! :)

Ehm, where and how did you create it ?


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