[lazarus] Forums

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Mon May 5 09:23:20 EDT 2003

Are you guys interested in having a web forum?

I've added a message forum with the topic of Lazarus to my website, 
simply because I've had a few people start posting in my other forums 
with Lazarus questions, not to mention all of the private e-mail 
questions regarding getting Lazarus up and running that I get.

I'm not suggesting it as a replacement for the mail list, however if you 
guys think it's useful for the general public to have access to, let me 
know and we can announce and/or link to it from the Lazarus website.  
Otherwise, it'll still be there, just to field questions at my own site.

The URL for my forums is: http://tony.maro.net/mod.php?mod=forum


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