[lazarus] Dynamic GUI

A.J. Venter ajventer at direqlearn.org
Tue May 6 08:56:55 EDT 2003

A program I am working on, will need to generate most of it's GUI based
on a commandline argument.
With this argument, a search will be done inside an SQL database
returning records with three fields:
Command, Name, Description, Icon

Command, Name and Icon are single line text, the others are multiline

What the program then needs to do is to take all the results and display
A tabular structure:
|     |Name		 |
|Icon |Description       |
|     |            [Run] |

In the above example, Icon must be replaced with an image. The path to
this image will be the text from the icon field. Name and description
need merely be displayed.

[Run] Is a button, which, when executed, will execute command, and close
the window.
If possible, clicking on Icon should perform the same function as [Run].

I am curious as to the best way to implement Icon, and the display of
Name and Description. Keeping in mind that there may well be several of
these tables to display, vertically. The implication being that the
window should resize itself according to the size of the contents, and
scroll if it can no longer fit them all.

I have not yet started coding, so I can still change anything (this is
still pure theory) according to suggestions. 

I would appreciate any help.


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A.J. Venter
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