[lazarus] Database issues...

Jesus Reyes jesusrmx at yahoo.com.mx
Tue May 6 13:00:45 EDT 2003

Hi Michael.

> To make sure that my statements in a previous posting were correct,
> I tested
> the mysql and Interbase access components in the FCL.
> In doing so, I discovered that a patch from Jesus Reyes, (which I
> applied),
> destroyed the MySQL and Interbase TDataset workings.

I'm pretty sure that you didn't apply my latest patch that fixed this
issue and several others in TDataSource even in dbf.pas, for
reference: http://www.lazarus.freepascal.org/archives/msg02247.html,
Mattias updated the grids.pas part
In a new message Siegfried Goericke reported that he successful
applied the patches but he had problems with fpc1.1 and interbase
(http://www.lazarus.freepascal.org/archives/msg02416.html) and I
discovered the problem with IsCursorOpèn but its strange I cant find
the message where I reply what I proposed:

Function IsCursorOpen: Boolean;
 Result:= FDatabase<>nil

But I stated that I wasn't sure it was ok, in that time I think,
things got mixed: 


Jesus Reyes A.

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