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Thu May 8 20:03:38 EDT 2003

Did I miss the answer to this question?  So far I only have Windows and am
interested in Lazarus for Windows.  So basically I'm currently interested in
any/all good information about Lazarus and Windows.  Thanks for any help.

Maybe someday I'll get with the program and get Linux.

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> Hello,
> is there any roadmap when Lazarus is to appear as a stable-package for
> for real development purposes, since this is nice and admirable what you
> (including the time you have to so) but I can't build hardly any real and
> stupid application with a constantly crashing RAD. I rather write the API
> stuff myself, that will somehow be virtually the same waste of time as
> debuging such an application.
> Looking forward to answers and praising all lazarus developers ;-)
> Johannes T.
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