[lazarus] CVS Updates

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Sat May 24 07:11:39 EDT 2003


fixes and goodies ...

- fixed closing popupmenu on showmodal
- fixed TArrow streaming
- fixed ObjectInspector hiding components with csDestroying flag
- added package GTKOpenGL. A package for the TGTKGLAreaControl component,
  a gtk-only component for OpenGL. This component is an example for 
  creating a widgetset dependent LCL component.
- fixed allocation of background GDI colors in gtk interface
- changed property editor hooks to TMethodLists
- added new editor option: 'Copy word on copy none'.
  This means, if nothing is selected and you copy to clipboard, the word
  at cursor is selected and copied to clipboard. You can deactivate this 
  in the editor options.
- implemented saving/restoring breakpoints, breakpoint groups and watches
  from/to lpi file
- The enable state of breakpoints are now restored on restarting programs
- debugged files are now searched in unit paths, inherited unit paths,
  compiled src paths, unit links, include paths, inherited include paths
  and include paths of all required packages
- designed forms can now be closed with the window border icon
- added new environment option: Hide IDE on run


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