[lazarus] TDBGrid question

Marc Weustink marc.weustink at cuperus.nl
Mon May 26 05:17:11 EDT 2003

+ From: Jesus Reyes [mailto:jesusrmx at yahoo.com.mx]
+ In fact this is the problem that I have with the scrollbars, the
+ default scrollbar handling depends of the grid's total width/height
+ and that depends on rowcount/colcount, by setting this properties
+ directly you are allowing the default scrollbar handling and
+ scrollbars works normally, however as Michael wrote this is not
+ recommended {well actually, I think in some cases a buffered rowset
+ its s wellcome feature :)}

In some cases it might be, as long as it isn't the default case. (Think what
would happen if you hit a table with over 1 million records (and yes, they
do exist))

+ Currently dbgrids only request a number of
+ buffers that are visually needed.
+ I only tested IB components with very small dataset rows so i did't
+ know if there were problems scrolling, in this matter, I think, one
+ should play with the dataset scrolling rules if the underlaying
+ dbengine allows backward/forward scrolling then any grid's request
+ should succed. Should one trust FDataLink.DataSet.RecordCount for
+ something? I need investigate further :) .

In some cases the Recordcount is only a hint. You can use it as a kind of
indication of the amount of data. Maybe you can use it to quick navigate to
allmost the end of a dataset (alltough I really have no idea how one can
tell a database to skip say for instance 10000 records)


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