[lazarus] Debugger settings...

Tom Lisjac netdxr at adelphia.net
Tue May 27 06:54:09 EDT 2003

Hi all!

I just did a fresh install of Lazarus on a new RH9 system using the
current cvs sources and the 1.1 fpc compiler. The project I'm working on
compiles fine but the debugger errors out when I try to run the code.
Turning off the debugger allows the project to run. I get the same
results when trying to run a blank form with the debugger on.

I've got the compiler options set up to generate symbols for gdb. Are
there any other switches or options I've missed? Do I need to do
anything special when using fpc 1.1? I'd been using 1.07 up to now.

I've attached the console output from Lazarus when attempting to run a
blank form with the debugger turned on.


[TCompiler.Compile] end
[TDebugManager.DoInitDebugger] A
[TCmdLineDebugger] Debug PID: 4191
TCmdLineDebugger.SendCmdLn "-gdb-set confirm off"
[TDebugManager.OnDebuggerChangeState] state: dsIdle
[TDebugger.SetFileName] /tmp/project1
TCmdLineDebugger.SendCmdLn "-file-exec-and-symbols /tmp/project1"
TCmdLineDebugger.SendCmdLn "-gdb-set language pascal"
[TDebugManager.OnDebuggerChangeState] state: dsStop
[TDebugManager.DoInitDebugger] END
TCmdLineDebugger.SendCmdLn "-break-insert -t main"
TCmdLineDebugger.SendCmdLn "-exec-run"
[TDebugManager.OnDebuggerChangeState] state: dsRun
[Debugger] Console output: ~"[New Thread 1076964800 (LWP 4192)]\n"
[Debugger] Console output: ~"[Switching to Thread 1076964800 (LWP
[WARNING] Debugger: Unknown stopped reason:
TCmdLineDebugger.SendCmdLn "-break-insert FPC_RAISEEXCEPTION"
TCmdLineDebugger.SendCmdLn "-break-insert FPC_BREAK_ERROR"
TCmdLineDebugger.SendCmdLn "info program"
[Debugger] Log output: &"info program\n"
Target PID: 0
[TDebugManager.OnDebuggerChangeState] state: dsError
Ooops, the debugger entered the error state

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