[lazarus] Re-Announcement: Lazarus-ccr

Tom Lisjac netdxr at adelphia.net
Sat Nov 1 06:52:29 EST 2003

The Lazarus Code and Component Repository (CCR) is finally back online
after being accidentally deleted by a misguided Sourceforge script.

Over the last month of beta operation, many site improvements were made
and the size of the Lazarus KnowledgeBase nearly doubled thanks to some
outstanding and nicely formatted contributions by Andrew Johnson.

One of the site improvements is the ability to add notes and comments to
the documentation pages. Other project sites do this... and the info in
their user submitted notes is frequently more useful then the project
documentation page they're attached to. :) A great start for us was a
posting yesterday describing how to do an RPM install on Debian:

The main Lazarus-CCR site is here:


Sourceforge also eventually restored our original site which we're
currently using as a read-only mirror and backup:


Special thanks to Andrew Johnson for adding a *lot* of excellent
material to the KB and many great suggestions for improving the wiki
engine and overall functionality of the site. Thanks also to Vincent
Snijders who made many useful corrections and contributions.

Best regards,

-Tom Lisjac


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