[lazarus] GTK team: please specify!

Micha Nelissen M.Nelissen at student.tue.nl
Sat Nov 1 15:32:15 EST 2003

Mattias Gaertner wrote:

> Much more clearer :)
> I was a little bit confused by the term "derivative of TCustomForm".

Well, I meant descendant I think, ie. a windowed control.

> Ok, grabbers and icons can be replaced by special non LCL widgets (in win32
> slang: windows).
> What about the rubberband, the selection marks and the guide/snap lines?

Rubberband can be drawn on the screen itself. It's temporary, after all. 
Is this possible in gtk too?

Selection marks aren't the grabber handles?

Guide/snap lines are the grid, the dots? These are not inter-control, 
are they? Only things that require inter-control calculations should be 
redone. Or is this too simply thought?

We can try to implement things one by one, first the invisible 
components, then the grabber handles, etc...Then dependencies will show 
gradually. Or do you want a complete rewrite from scratch?


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