[lazarus] What is lazarus used for

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Tue Nov 4 08:45:37 EST 2003

Pierre Kellerman wrote:

>Hi I am just wandering except for testing is anyone actively using
>Lazarus at the moment and if so what kind of products is bing developed
>with lazarus.
CheckBook Tracker is my Lazarus project, and according to Freshmeat, the 
second most popular Linux personal finance software, a far second behind 


I've also written a frontend for rdesktop that looks amazingly like 
Microsoft's remote connection manager.

Private use projects that I wrote just for me include a PHP sourcecode 
generation utility for writing web database software, and a utility that 
rips mailing lists from anywho.com's XML sources and puts it into an 
OpenOffice spreadsheet so I can market my computer consulting services 
to businesses in my area.

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