[lazarus] form streaming error problem

Andrew Johnson acjgenius at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 5 13:21:52 EST 2003

I discovered a problem with error handling of form streaming. I have a
form with an invalid component in it.

To reproduce this error I installed Tony's tmpack, added a hover button
to the form. saved the project.  closed the ide and rebuilt from the c/l
(i.e. without the package) upon opening lazarus it auto reopened the
project with the hover button and the Following  occurs -

I get a Error Reading Form with a cancel button. 

Upon clicking "Cancel" I get a more descriptive error, of a specific
component. If I click "Ignore" on this error the form finishes loading,
though scrambled(as expected). However if I click "Cancel" on this error
then I get an "Unable to build form from file" error. When I click Ok on
this then the Ide goes into a recursive loop and becomes unresponsive
spitting - 

[TMainIDE.DoOpenMainUnit] A ProjectLoading=TRUE MainUnitID=0

on the command line.

If on this 3rd error I clicked "Cancel" I get the save project prompt.
if I cancel or close, I get another recursive loop spitting - 

TMainIDE.DoCloseEditorFile A PageIndex=0

on the command line.

Not likely a very common problem, but should probably be looked into,
and I am not sure where this is likely to be caused to try and fix it


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