[lazarus] Package file management problem

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Fri Nov 7 00:16:56 EST 2003

I just had the weirdest problem that's taken me about a week to track down.

Turns out I had a file by the same name in two different packages.  When 
I would compile either package individually they'd work fine.

If I installed packageA into Lazarus and then tried to install packageB 
I'd get one error...
If I installed packageB and then packageA, I'd get a different error.

Neither error pointed to the duplicate file.  One error reported that a 
different file couldn't be found (when it was present.)  The other error 
reported that it couldn't compile the entire package because no source 
files were found.

Net result:  Obviously you can't have two different files with the same 
name inside two different packages.  That was my own mistake.  However, 
perhaps we should consider some sort of a check before a package is 
installed?  I don't know how we could improve the error generating since 
that's done by FPC... I think it would have to be a manual check of what 
source files are installed, prior to rebuilding Lazarus.

Note: it didn't matter if the source file was PRESENT inside another 
package's directory, only caused problems when it was installed in the 

Tony Maro
Systems Consultant
The Maro Group
(256) 337-5759

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