[lazarus] Kylix dead?

cryst cryst at golden.net
Fri Nov 7 10:10:41 EST 2003

This is one of the BIGGEST benefits of open source. Lazarus has been
resurrected(sp?) many times, but once Borland abandons kylix, it will be
gone for good. Even if someone wanted to take up the cause, no one could
because the source is closed.

My prediction, is there will be a big news anouncement from Borland stating
that it hasn't abandoned Kylix, they are only focusing there attention
elsewhere for the moment.

Chris Bruner

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> Interesting article on Slashdot about Kylix apparently turning into
> abandonware. There's no mention of Lazarus or FreePascal in the
> postings... but the article is young so it might be an opportunity to
> get the word out.
> -Tom
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