[lazarus] Problems parsing 1.9 source

Vincent Snijders vslist at zonnet.nl
Fri Nov 7 13:46:10 EST 2003


I noticed the lazarus codetools have some problems finding declarations
when using fpc 1.9 compiler and sources.

1. oldfpccall is not recognized.
For example on line 37 of .../fpc/rtl/linux/i386/syscallh.inc:
function Do_SysCall(sysnr:TSysParam):TSysResult;  {$ifndef VER1_0}
oldfpccall; {$endif}
oldfpccall is not recognized and parsing stops.

2. wrong signal.inc included
On line 29 of .../fpc/rtl/unix/unix.pp signal.inc is included. This is
in the interface section of unix.pp. Lazarus thinks it should include
.../fpc/rtl/linux/i386/signal.inc. This is not possible because this
file also has some procedure implementation around line 137(which can't
be a part of a unit's interface). Apparently the right file to include
is .../fpc/rtl/linux/signal.inc. As far as I could see,
.../fpc/rtl/linux/i386/signal.inc is not used and might be obsolete.
To work around this bug I delete the 'obsolete' file and restart
lazarus. Of course after updating fpc from cvs, it is right back.

3. can't find include file "sysutilh.inc"
On line 28 of .../fpc/rtl/unix/sysutils.pp sysutilh.inc is included.
Lazarus can't find it because it is in a include directory specially for
sysutils: .../fpc/rtl/objpas/sysutils. This include path is only used
for sysutils.pp.


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