[lazarus] a patch about propedits.pp!

Michal Bukovjan bukovjan at mbox.dkm.cz
Sat Nov 8 03:07:18 EST 2003

GongYu wrote:
> hello everyone!
>  i modified the propedits.pp TMethodPropertyEditor.GetTrimmedEventName procedure
> now when you double click on property event page ,the procduced procedure name now like delphi
> for example:
> before modify
>  when you  dubleclick on form1 ,it show Form1CREATE
> after modify
>  when you  dubleclick on form1 ,it show Form1Create
> sorry for pool english!
> ps :
> anyone can tell me how to use diff?

You can create a patch against CVS by issuing a command:

cvs diff -u [filename_or_dir...]

You can redirect outout to create a file:

cvs diff -u [filename_or_dir...] > mypatch.diff

See "man diff" for more options.


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