[lazarus] clBtnFace coming up black, regardless

Andrew Johnson acjgenius at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 9 14:03:13 EST 2003

On Sun, 2003-11-09 at 12:16, Tony Maro wrote:
> Andrew Johnson wrote:
> >I believe a few weeks ago I changed the BtnFace color to actually be the
> >_Button_ face color. Aka if it is black thats the literal color of your
> >button. Which can only mean you're using a pixmap theme afaik, and
> >probably one which is inherently "broken" but whose brokenness doesn't
> >cause problems in native widgets since they will directly call to the
> >pixmap engine bypassing style colors entirely.
> >
> Well, I ran some tests...
> I logged out of my normal KDE environment and logged into Gnome (gee, I 
> forgot how fast it opens by comparison.)
> I tried my app = black.
> I opened the Mandrake GTK theme manager and was currently running the 
> standard Mandrake 9.1 Galaxy theme.  I tried another theme, ran my app 
> and it worked fine.  I flipped back to Galaxy = black.  Galaxy does not 
> appear pixmapped for anything, however.
galaxy is a poor excuse for a theme engine. half the values are hard
coded into the engine the other half are in the gtkrc.. which means a
good many values will come up wrong.. I have seen this is in more then
just Lazarus, though it is not too common because most people will use
standard values and not any sort of custom widget etc.

> So I left my theme on one of the working ones, logged out, logged back 
> into KDE and it's still black.
> I tried changing KDE themes, to no avail (knew that wouldn't work, but 
> tried anyway.)

> How can I get my KDE to pick up the changed GTK theme?  Or rather, where 
> is my Lazarus app getting this setting from while I'm in KDE?

it _should_ be getting changed if the gtk values are updated properly.
But since I don't use kde usually and its been awhile and I cannot be
sure of it. I would try manually setting the ~/.gtkrc theme to one which
doesn't have a problem in gnome and see if it is used while in kde.


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