[lazarus] Lazarus and FPC1.9.0

Prof. Roberto A. Berrospe Machin binaryuniverse at binaryuniverse.com
Sun Nov 9 15:18:54 EST 2003

Hi everybody-
Any one have compiled latest lazarus cvs with the 
latest pascal beta 1.9.0 under windows? i have tryed but when some lines 
compiled, then an error is fired...
filectrl.pp(57,30) Hint: Parameter 
"AFilename" not usedfilectrl.pp(53,31) Hint: Parameter "AFilename" not 
usedfilectrl.pp(60,23) Hint: Parameter "ExceptionOnError" not 
usedfilectrl.pp(56,33) Hint: Parameter "AFilename" not 
usedfilectrl.inc(842,36) Hint: The left operand of the IN operator should be 
byte sizedCompiling lmessages.ppCompiling graphtype.ppCompiling 
messages.ppmessages.pp(35,33) Fatal: Circular unit reference between 
make[1]: *** [allunits.ppu] Error 
1make[1]: Leaving directory `C:/lazarus/lcl'C:\pp\bin\win32\make: *** 
[lcl] Error 2
<FONT face=Arial 

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