[lazarus] PNG and resource

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Sun Nov 9 19:01:14 EST 2003

Darek Mazur wrote:

>I've try use resources like in delphi
>I've notice that no function to load bitmap from resource (only truecolor)
>Than try PNG to store button image but in graphics.pp is bug or I can't
>understand it.

Try something like this:

Create your graphic, for instance "mypicture.xpm".  (Pixmap's work great)

Then convert it to a resource at the command line:
 > lazres mygraphicresource.lrs mypicture.xpm

In your code use:

MyGraphic := TPixmap.Create;

in the Initialization section at the end of the unit be sure to add:

{$I mygraphicresource.lrs} // inserts the resource into the unit


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