[lazarus] Arbetry question.

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Wed Nov 12 02:55:51 EST 2003

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> From: Pierre Kellerman [mailto:PierreK at BarloworldOptimus.com] 
> Hi there all you nice Lazarus people. 
> Question one.
> If i am not mistaken the only way to add components onto the 
> lazarus pallet is to add it to the source tree and then 
> rebuild lazarus. will there ever be an option to install 
> components without rebuilding Lazaras (Like Kylix do)?

This is due to FPC.  I understand the FPC 1.1 tree is beginning to
support the features to do this.  However, we've made things very easy
for adding components.  Mattias' package management system is awesomely
easy to use, and will automatically rebuild Lazarus for you.  All you do
is open a package file and click "Install".  When it's done, just close
and re-open Lazarus for it to be available.

There's also a hack I wrote that allows you to install single components
without having to hand-edit the Lazarus source - it's also accessible
from the components menu.  Personally I recommend the package system
though. ;-)

So basically, no, you must rebuild Lazarus, but it's so simple to do
now, it really doesn't matter.


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