[lazarus] Updated component package

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Wed Nov 12 05:10:18 EST 2003

I just posted version 1.3 of TMPack.   I've incorporated the TMCalc 
(Calculator) into it along with some other new components:


If you actively use any of the TMPack, I suggest you update to this 
version.  As I've been using the components myself I've fixed a few 
minor bugs, etc.  I created the new components such as THotLabel for use 
in CheckBook Tracker version 2.0 that I'm well under way with.

Here's a summary:

A simple component to display the contents of an XML file in a 
treeview.  Each tree node has a pointer to the XML document object, so 
you could effectively make an XML editor by extending this.

A custom graphic control that acts like an HTML text link.

A palettized version of the TXMLConfig component, but with the added 
ability to automatically save and load form positions and sizes to/from 
an XML file.

Just drop on a form and call the "Execute" method.

Esound component - handles caching of sounds and playing when needed.  
It will not prevent a program from running if the end-user doesn't have 

A graphical button with three states, Active, Inactive and Selected.  
Can auto-size itself to the Active image.  Auto-links to a popupmenu if 
desired.  *** UPDATED to support IDE streaming and autosizing ***

Links an application with HTML help files with a minimum of fuss.  
Supply control with a list of HTML files (or URL's) and then assign the 
index of that item to a control's HELPCONTEXT property.  Will 
automatically look for a user's web browser and launch it.  *** UPDATED 
to compile in Windows (still doesn't work, but doesn't fail compile!)

Easily maintains a list of most recently used files in the form's menu.  
Simply call the add method to add an entry.  In the OnClick event, the 
Caption will return the MRU file.

A simple pie chart component I converted from Delphi

An auto-scrolling statictext control

A panel that will tile a graphic across it.  Also has basic support for 
scrolling the graphics

A time bar graph I converted from Delphi

Tony Maro
Systems Consultant
The Maro Group
(256) 337-5759

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