[lazarus] Win32 lazarus

hamacker hamacker at vidy.com.br
Wed Nov 12 06:10:21 EST 2003

Now I can create "hello world", maybe you think : Its very small 
example, but some days before "hello world" was like "hello hell" to be 
create in Win32 enviroment (so much bugs in IDE !).
Now I am testing with new project, and I think that the IDE is OK. 
Somethings is very different that Delphi Pascal usage like Resource 
files, file extension and others but I beginning.

Andrew Higgs escreveu:

> Are there many people using Lazarus on Win98 out there?
> Does the interface work well on any flavour of win32 yet?
> Just curious. I prefer linux and use this at home , but at work it is 
> all windows.
> Kind regards
> Andrew Higgs
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