[lazarus] circular unit reference

rstar at mnet-online.de rstar at mnet-online.de
Sat Nov 15 08:00:46 EST 2003

Florian Klaempfl wrote:

> Andreas Hausladen wrote:
>>> Simply delete messages.pp for win32.
>> Yes, this would be the easiest way for a LCL developer but it is no 
>> real solution. Or would you say to a customer: "Please delete a
>> file for a successful compilation" ? And what is if the the developer 
>> wants to migrate to Linux? "With" the deleted file he must
>> download the LCL again if he has not backuped the file.
>> I think the solution I've chosen for the Delphi port is better than 
>> deleting a file.
> No. The final solution is to move the messages.pp to the lcl/nonwin32 
> dir, however the lazarus developers didn't do this yet.
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The current thread shows that there a always problems with
includes, paths, circular refereces etc.

One of these guidelines might be helpful:

- Don't use includes (all in one file); example: CLX from Borland
- Use #ifdef "target" for platform specific things
- One person is responsible for a file
   (it seems that the lcl stuff is managed by different persons)
- Use .pas extension only

@Andreas Hausladen:
Is your lcl solution the offical solution? Who is responsible for
the "old" stuff (update, maintenance, etc)

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