[lazarus] circular unit reference

Andreas Hausladen Andreas.Hausladen at gmx.de
Sat Nov 15 08:12:13 EST 2003

> One of these guidelines might be helpful:
> - Don't use includes (all in one file); example: CLX from Borland

This would be the best solution for the Delphi code navigation problem with include files.

> - Use .pas extension only

Is LCL should be compilable by Delphi this is a must.

> @Andreas Hausladen:
> Is your lcl solution the offical solution?

No. It is only in my opinion a better solution than saying developers to delete a files to get the LCL working under Windows.

> Who is responsible for the "old" stuff (update, maintenance, etc)

What do you mean by "old" stuff? Do you mean the Delphi LCL port is the new LCL? No, I think the Delphi port should be incorporated
into the original LCL or visi versa.


Andreas Hausladen
(JVCL developer)

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