[lazarus] circular unit reference

Lord Satan reimgrab at web.de
Sat Nov 15 09:58:36 EST 2003

> It would be nice to have a replacement of the Borland Delphi/Kylix 
> environment for Win32 and Linux which is neraly 100% compatible.
Perhaps it would be nice, but in my opinion open source projects should not try to mimic existing commercial programs and even less to be a 100% compatible replacement. One of the nice things of open source projects is that you can include whatever features you wish. And if this breaks compatibility with the commercial program no problem, people can decide if they want one or the other. I would like to see Lazarus to go beyond what Delphi/Kylix can do and not to get limited to just a free version of these two. It is enough if you can easyly port stuff from Delphi/Kylix to Lazarus, no need for the other way.

Just my 2 cent. 

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