[lazarus] circular unit reference

Darek Mazur darekm at emadar.com
Sat Nov 15 15:07:58 EST 2003

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From: "Lord Satan" <reimgrab at web.de> wrote:
>I can understand that you want to port code from Delphi/Kylix to Lazarus

I've join to Lazarus and some times help develop  FPC  because this is my
road to other platform like Linux, BSD and so on. Because I have half
million lines of code in Delphi , when I try port it to Lazarus I must do
more and more changes. Thats my opinion to achieve 99% compatibility with
Delphi, that my work will be easer. Of course FPC and Lazarus can do more ,
but not not less.

On world is much code in Delphi, ready and free. If Lazarus won't be
compatibility with Delphi all this code will be closed for Lazarus


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