[lazarus] Delphi and FPC compatible LCL version

Florian Klaempfl Florian.Klaempfl at gmx.de
Sat Nov 15 19:39:19 EST 2003

Michael A. Hess wrote:
>>Florian Klaempfl wrote:
>>>OK, thanks for it, this one looks a bit better, however....
>>>We (thedevels) have had a litle discussion about it, and 
> the final 
>>>conclusion is that the LCL won't support Delphi.
>>If someone provides Delphi compatibility patches why shouldn't 
> they be 
>>incorporated into the lcl?
> Patches to make the LCL and FPC meet Delphi compatibility is 
> fine. These patches were to make the LCL work within Delphi. 
> We aren't developing the library to be used with Delphi but to 
> be used with FPC.

Yes, I know. But: Delphi compatibility could bring the lcl to a broader 
audience and at least for Kylix developers the lcl is usefull to write 
GTK applications. Further, a broader audience could also gather new 
developers for the lcl. My personal opinion is that an open source 
projects should accept all patches if they aren't too strange. Of 
course, nobody expects that the current lazarus developers spent time 
into keeping the lcl compilable with Delphi/Kylix. But if somebody 
provides patches why not incooperating them?

Just an example: sometime ago, someone contributed patches to compile 
FPC (the compiler itself) with Delphi5. This is pretty useless because 
Delphi often IEs when compiling FPC or creates a non working FPC. If the 
created FPC works, it's two times slower than an FPC compiled with FPC. 
Nevertheless, we applied these patches. Why? Well, it's the way how OSS 
development works. If a patch affects core functionality of a project, 
it's another story but it doesn't seem to be the case here.

Of course, finally it's your decision, but just my 2 (euro) cent ;)

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